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Three Scotch In
We make scotch for your ears..
Raw, powerful, emotionally-charged vocals and lyrics; blues solos that tell tales, and an acoustic vibe and authenticity that sets any stage, Three Scotch In is sure to entertain.

We've got strong 90s influences like Chris Cornell, but we play everything from CCR to The Glorious Sons and we write with all of those influences distilling down into the chill “sit-down drinking music” we love to make. Three Scotch In is a rich blend consisting of full bodied bass lines, robust melodic progressions, and smooth, soul soothing harmonies with a lyrical after taste that will likely have you buying the bottle.

If you're down to have a musical beverage with us, join us in The Tasting Room for Tuesday Night Tunes 7PM PST (10PM - EST) and make sure to say hello so we can properly welcome you!
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